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Gran Canaria is an island with 21 municipalities, each with its own character.

The island has an area of 1560 square kilometers and the population is 851 157.

The most famous part of the touristy south and Las Palmas.

About 2.2 million tourists visit annually Gran Canaria.

These visits not only the south, because the last few years the interior of Gran Canaria much gained popularity.

For people who are looking for a second home, Gran Canaria is very popular in recent years.

The convenient location and the very mild climate, you can here the whole year by enjoying the sun.

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Gran Canaria is the second largest island of the archipel 'Canaries'. There are a total of seven islands and several tiny islands.

When you look at the map, you would say that Gran Canaria belongs to Africa but belongs to Spain and is therefore Europe.

Gran Canaria is divided by mountains in different climate zones. In the upper part (North), it is more humid, and so it is there a lot more fruitful.

You can see this in the many banana plantations along the coast and the entire landscape is much greener and more beautiful than in the southern part of the island.

In addition, each baranco (ravine between the mountains) in Gran Canaria have its own microclimate.

Gran Canaria is for everyone to find something.

Peace - Nature - Culture - History - Beach - Sea - Sports

All of these concepts come together in Gran Canaria.

The warm south with its beaches and clear ocean to a pleasant temperature in summer and autumn.

The rugged landscape with its deep ravines and steep mountain slopes that reach high into the air.

The green north with its agriculture and many ancient picturesque villages
Beautiful panorama views, woods and lakes.

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